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Nothing works if your transmission doesn't work!  Simply put you are going nowhere without it and it is the one thing that both car and truck drivers alike never think twice about until it really acts up or they have no power or simply don't move forward.  Most of us have a newer car or truck with an automatic transmission in it vs. a standard transmission so do not notice that it is slipping gears until the problem is really serious so the question is how do you get the most out of your transmission?  The obvious answer is to take care of your transmission with scheduled service per your owner's manual recommendation but we have put together a simple checklist for our Albertville drivers to help them become "transmission aware" as it were.

Your automatic or standard transmission both need clean fluids to keep them running cool and efficiently, and our transmission mechanics here at Brad Bearden Automotive will check your transmission thoroughly based on your owner's manual scheduled service dates as well checking fluids and topping them off during regular service visits letting you know if there is a problem.  If you are losing fluids too often between visits or you are putting too much stress on your car or truck then we will need to discuss what the issues are and help you reduce your risk for problems so you can drive longer without problems and avoid costly repairs!  So, what are the real problems that are easy to avoid???????????

Fluids.  The most important service for ensuring you avoid transmission issues is to change your fluids as necessary.  Transmission fluid keeps the transmission itself from overheating, which is absolutely essential for the functioning of your vehicle. If your transmission overheats, it can’t properly distribute energy from the engine to your wheels. A transmission fluid leak can be disastrous because the more fluid you lose, the hotter the engine will get, which turns into even more transmission fluid being burnt.  Burnt transmission fluid causes your transmission to have failures which incur large repair bills and potentially the need for a new JASPER transmission.  That transmission comes with a 3 yr nationwide parts and labor warranty but we like to avoid costly repairs here at Brad Bearden Automotive as we partner with our Albertville drivers to keep you on the road with better service treating your car or truck like it belongs to us. The theory is, if we don't want to spend the money ourselves we shouldn't let you spend it, especially if it is easy to avoid by simply changing your fluids!  Working with you to check your transmission fluid regularly and keep the fluid fresh catching any leaks while there is still time fixes it and avoids the issue!  Problem solved.

Don't ride the brakes!  That sends energy from the engine to the wheels which works your transmission.  If you overuse your brakes rather than allowing the engine to shift according to your speed you can do serious damage to your transmission and it doesn't allow your engine to acclimate to the speeds you are asking of it.  Now, this is more of a problem for our Albertville drivers with manual transmissions as they ride their brakes and shift gears manually but it also affects our automatic transmission car and truck drivers.  The other issue which isn't as damaging to the transmission but is to your pocketbook is fuel mileage as you stop and go abruptly....your gas mileage goes down-down-down!

If you have any transmission questions or if your car or truck isn't performing like you think it should simply stop by the shop and talk to our team of professional transmission mechanics here at Brad Bearden Automotive for answers.  Remember, we want to make sure you get the answers you need and the service for your car or truck that allows you to drive longer with fewer repair bills by making sure you get the BEST Service...you deserve only the best when it comes to Transmission Repairs or Replacements!!!!


Thank you for visiting Brad Bearden Automotive in Albertville, AL. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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